Company overview

ASAT Consulting was found to make technology available to small and mid-sized businesses who often need a technology partner that is able to hand hold and guide them through their digital journey, a role that large technology consulting firms are unable to play due to their business and pricing models.

We at ASAT believe in partnering with you at a personal level and owning your technology problems. We hire the best talent and hence we ensure to make available the best of tech minds to take you on your digital journey.


Our vision is to empower small and mid-sized businesses with efficiently designed, cost effective software solutions, so they remain focused on the business and allow technology to elevate their growth trajectory.

Our Approach

Our approach to problem solving sets us apart from the rest. It is a common practice in the industry to follow a hammer and nail approach to solving problems. Consultants often pick from a narrow set of technologies, tools and techniques while designing solutions without paying attention to the fitment of the chosen tools to solving the problem at hands. This results in cookie cut solutions that are inefficient to maintain or enhance, at worst they don’t serve the purpose.

At ASAT, choosing problem specific technology is a core part of our philosophy and hence drives our approach to applying technology in solving business problems. We give every problem the attention it deserves and work out a solution design that not just solves the problem at hand but also lays a strong foundation for developing more advance future solutions.

Are you ready to begin your digital transformation?

Syed has an amazing ability to be able to establish an understanding of complex system requirements from just a brief conversation. I am always amazed by how quickly he can grasp the intricacies of a Product Managers request. I have enjoyed working closely with Syed for 18 months, at the forefront of the APS Cloud Development. In his role as Cloud Architect I have been continually impressed by his extensive knowledge of new technologies and his ability to plan and deliver solutions based on choosing the best technology to solve the actual problem. His knowledge, willingness to share knowledge and his calm and good-humored approach is clearly demonstrated in his ability to inspire and motive colleagues. If I need a technology solution, Syed is the man I turn to.

Rob Anderson
Product Manager, APS
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