Cloud Strategy Consulting

Cloud Strategy Consulting

At ASAT we are cloud platforms agnostic, being not inclined towards any specific cloud provider or platform. From our years of building cloud native applications and migrating several workloads to cloud we have built an expertise on all major cloud platforms – AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure. We understand the capabilities and shortcomings of each of these platforms and take this into account while building your cloud transformation strategy.

We partner with your team in understanding your current challenges, your current and future business goals and craft a roadmap to a successful cloud transformation – all this while fully considering your needs around security, business continuity and disaster recovery. For you to fully benefit from the power of cloud while neutralizing the various risks during the journey, we ensure to craft an approach that best suits your case. Different options such as public vs private vs hybrid cloud approach is evaluated while assessing different cloud services across IaaS, PaaS and SaaS models.


While a successful cloud strategy will empower your business with agility resulting into limitless possibilities, we can’t emphasize enough on a robust cloud monitoring and maintenance activities in the absence of which your cloud ecosystem could grow inefficient and counterproductive to your goals. We work closely with your team in building capability inhouse or own the monitoring and maintenance activities, so your cloud workloads are compliant and are optimally utilized.

We build highly sustainable customized software solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. By applying contemporary design principles and unification of the latest cloud, mobile, and desktop technologies, we create tailored solutions helping businesses connect with their customers, simplify and accelerate business processes, and lower costs, thus allowing technology to elevate your growth trajectory.

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Syed has an amazing ability to be able to establish an understanding of complex system requirements from just a brief conversation. I am always amazed by how quickly he can grasp the intricacies of a Product Managers request. I have enjoyed working closely with Syed for 18 months, at the forefront of the APS Cloud Development. In his role as Cloud Architect I have been continually impressed by his extensive knowledge of new technologies and his ability to plan and deliver solutions based on choosing the best technology to solve the actual problem. His knowledge, willingness to share knowledge and his calm and good-humored approach is clearly demonstrated in his ability to inspire and motive colleagues. If I need a technology solution, Syed is the man I turn to.

Rob Anderson
Product Manager, APS