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Syed has an amazing ability to be able to establish an understanding of complex system requirements from just a brief conversation. I am always amazed by how quickly he can grasp the intricacies of a Product Managers request. I have enjoyed working closely with Syed for 18 months, at the forefront of the APS Cloud Development. In his role as Cloud Architect I have been continually impressed by his extensive knowledge of new technologies and his ability to plan and deliver solutions based on choosing the best technology to solve the actual problem. His knowledge, willingness to share knowledge and his calm and good-humored approach is clearly demonstrated in his ability to inspire and motive colleagues. If I need a technology solution, Syed is the man I turn to.

Rob Anderson
Product Manager, APS

I have worked with Syed for around 3 years, he is the architect for the products I manage as product manager. Current projects include building a SAAS solution using distributed architecture. His knowledge of both desktop and cloud architecture is second to none, every challenge has a solution. Syed is a great team player and mentor to others in the company. I would highly recommend Syed as a architect / consultant on any project

Philip Yarr
Product Manager, Reckon APS (Reckon Accountants Group)

Syed from ASAT Consulting has been a diligent member of OnQ Software for many years and as our Lead Solution Architect has shown exemplary leadership with he team. He has shown excellent Research and Development skills and delivered appropriate ideas which are delivered as expected to suit our high end practical solutions to fit our growing market requirements. He has excellent problem solving skills and shows exceptional knowledge in developing complete software solutions to meet market needs.

Nick Gannoulis
Managing Director, OnQ Software Pty Ltd

Syed is a strategic minded solution architect who understands the solution end to end and can design not just for today’s customers, but to scale for the future goals of the company. Very trustworthy and delivers work of the highest quality. I highly recommend Syed.​

Jonathan Gannoulis
Business Development Manager, OnQ Software

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