Importance of Problem Specific Solution Design

Every business, large or small, should have access to efficiently designed, easy to scale software solutions. Lack of in-house expertise, shortage of quality engineers and architects or budget constraints should not hinder a business from building quality solutions that boost their growth.

Customized problem-solving approach

 Your business is unique. It requires customization. The cookie-cutter approach makes you obsolete. Adopting a customized approach builds up to provide business-savvy impact:
  • Quick problem resolution 
  • Customized processes and solution blueprints
  • Value and time-to-market

Customized solutions to your business-driven technology problems

You need to pay attention to the fitment of the chosen tools to solve the problem at hand. The cookie-cutter approach may solve just a part of the time problem for a short duration. To get permanent fixes, we recommend a customized problem,-solving approach.

Some of the well-rounded benefits that your SME could seek out of such approach are:

Long term maintainability and extendibility

We weigh our tech stack and solution architecture recommendations against your critical measures such as scale, budget (OPEX & amp; CAPEX), performance requirement, profile of the end user, etc. Parameters such as scale, budget (OPEX & CAPEX), performance requirement, profile of the end user etc have to be closely studied before arriving at a design.

This helps in reducing working capital and maintenance costs in the long run.

Measurable business

We go that extra mile to measure your plan and micro KPIs. This ensures the long-term extendability and sustenance of the solution, rather than being short-sighted.


Save time and effort

Technology landscape is growing as you read this. But, you don’t need everything out there. Being an SME, all you need is the right set of technology stack and trained resources who can apply knowledge in a frugal manner. You need only that which brings value to your business. We deliver— more with less.

At ASAT, choosing problem specific technology is a core part of our philosophy and hence drives our approach to applying technology in solving business problems. We give every problem the attention it deserves and work out a solution design that not just solves the problem at hand but also lays a strong foundation for developing more advanced future solutions.


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